Table manners are an intrinsic part of everyday life, created and maintained throughout human historical development. This richly illustrated book offers fascinating insights into the nature of table manners and their function in human life, and presents an expert’s view on dining etiquette. This is not a guide to “what is in” and “what is not”, far from it. This is research and a witty analysis, including among other things a classification of table manners and identification of the main driver for sales of etiquette courses. From the survival of humanity to politics and beyond, Tanya Kosh uses tales from her life as a newcomer to the UK and as an international business traveller, to illuminate both the origins and the necessity of various cultures’ table manners. So often we exercise our own cultural table manners out of habit, never considering where they come from and which human needs they satisfy, whilst Kosh puts them under the magnifying glass. Have you ever thought about your table manners being your ID? Whether you think table manners are outdated or a vital part of any home or society, Kosh’s Are You in or Are You Out? will make you think, make you laugh, and may even prompt some changes around your table.

Are You in or Are You Out? Inclusivity and Exclusivity of Table Manners is the first of a planned series of publications by Tanya Kosh: “How to eat: all around table manners”.

The book is available on Amazon in your country. Just search for the title.

The next one is due out in 2017. The working title is “Eating properly: a diet of table manners”



Tanya Kosh splits her time between North London and Austrian Prealps and works as an international market researcher in the telecom consultancy industry. She has several serious market research publications but also enjoys writing regular columns for the magazines in Ukraine.

Tanya has a degree in psychology and MA in political Sociology (University of Kent).

She volunteers for the National Trust. Her biggest newly acquired passion is playing Benton Fletcher collection at Fenton House in Hampstead.